One dead, three injured in Chongqing metro crash

One dead, three injured in Chongqing metro crash

A metro crash killed one metro staff member on Tuesday in Southwest China’s Chongqing city.

Two metro workers and one passenger were injured in the accident that happened at around 5 pm, and were sent to the hospital for treatment. None of the injured are currently considered to be in life-threatening condition.

According to the local government, the metro car on the Loop Line hit the underground civil defense gate which intruded into the metro operation area. The first carriage slightly veered off course and the front of the metro was damaged.

After the accident, metro staff guided the 30 passengers to walk out of the crash area. The Loop Line was put into use on Dec 28, 2018.The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

From Chinadaily on Jan 9,2019

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