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Morphology AnalysisCASfire Material Analysis Center

Nowadays, with the rapid development of material analysis and testing technology, material analysis not only focuses on the analysis of the overall composition of materials, but also on the analysis of crystal structure and the observation of surface morphology.

For example:

  • single crystal structure analysis can be carried out by means of a diffractometer, which can provide accurate and precise measurements of the three-dimensional scale of molecules. Thus, structural information of chemicals can be obtained completely, including the data of atomic connection, molecular conformation, accurate bond length and bond angle, as well as the symmetry of atoms and the arrangement and stacking of three-dimensional space.
  • The morphology of powder and particle samples can be determined by high power scanning electron microscopy, and the micro-morphology of metals, ceramics, minerals, cement, semiconductors, paper, plastics, food, crops, cells and other materials can be analyzed.

By analyzing the crystal structure and morphology of the material, we can further analyze the defects of the material’s mechanical properties, combustion properties and anti-aging properties, and further optimize the production process.


Morphology Analysis

  • finding out the cracks and impurities that affect the surface properties by analyzing the surface morphology and element composition of materials,
  • Observing the mixing degree of polymer materials such as plastics, rubber and chemical fibers with additives, and the compatibility of materials copolymerized by various polymers.
  • Analyzing the crystallinity and crystalline form of materials.
  • Analysis of specific surface area and micropore volume of porous materials. 

Service Scope

  • Determine the speciation of powder and particle samples.          
  • Microscopic morphology analysis of material such as metal, ceramics, minerals, cement, semiconductor, paper, plastics, food, crops, cells and so on.        
  • By analyzing the crystal structure and morphology of the material, the defects of mechanical properties, combustion properties and anti-aging properties of the material can be further analyzed, and the production process can be further optimized.

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CASfire Material Analysis Center

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