Fire Test to Railway Vehicle

CASfire test to railway vehicle

Rail transit is one of the main means of transportation. Because of its limited space, it is difficult to escape. The fire performance of materials of railway vehicle has attracted more and more attention around the world.

There are two main standards of fire protection for railway vehicle, EU standard EN45545 and NFPA130.

Fire Testing to
Railway Vehicle

European StandardsEN45545 

EN45545-2 Fire protection of railway vehicles – Part 2: Requirement for fire behaviors of materials and components

  • Fire Hazard Level:HL1,HL2,HL3
  • Product Category:R1 – R26 (R1/R2 for surface material, R4 for light diffuser, R7 for external surface, R10 for flooring, R15/R16 for cable and wire, R9/R21 for upholster furniture, R22/R24/R24/R26 for electrical parts, R24/R25 for PCB.
  • Test Items:Fire Spread, Heat Release, CFE, Oxygen Index, Vertical Burning Test, Smoke Density, Smoke Toxicity.
  • Test Method:ISO5658-2,ISO5660-1,ISO9239-2,ISO4589-2,ISO5659-2,NFX70-100等

EN45545-3 Fire resistance requirements for fire barriers

  • Test Items:Integrate E,Insulation I 

American Standard: NFPA130

NFPA 130 Standard for fixed guideway transit and passenger rail systems

  • Test Items:Surface Flammability, Smoke Density, Heat Release
  • Test methods:ASTM E162,ASTM E662,ASTM E1354,ASTM C1166,ASTM E119
Category Function of Material Test Method
Cushioning All individual flexible cushioning materials used in seat cushions, mattresses, mattress pads,armrests, crash pads, and grab rail padding ASTM D3675
Fabrics Seat upholstery, mattress ticking and covers,curtains, draperies, window shades, and woven seat cushion suspensionsa– 14 CFR 25
Other vehicle components Seat and mattress frames, wall and ceiling lining and panels, seat and toilet shrouds, toilet seats, trays and other tables, partitions, shelves, opaque windscreens, combustible signage, end caps, roof housings, articulation bellows, exterior shells, nonmetallic skirts, battery case material, and component boxes and covers ASTM E162
Flooring Flooring ASTM E648
Elastomers Window gaskets, door nosings, intercar diaphragms, seat cushion suspension diaphragms, and roof mats ASTM C1166
Cable and Wire all UL 1581
Fire Resistance Structure Flooring assembly, fire barrier ASTM E119

 Chinese Standard: TB/T3237

TB/T3237 Flame retardant technical specification of decorating materials for multiple unit train

TB/T3138 Technical specification of flame retardant materials for railway locomotive and vehicle

  • Test Item: Oxygen Index, Flammability, Smoke Density, Smoke Toxicity
  • Test Methods:GB/T2406.2,UIC564-2,GB/T8323 

Germany StandardsDIN 5510-2

DIN5510-2 Preventive fire protection in railway vehicles; Part 2: Fire behaviour and fire side effects of materials and parts, classification, requirement and test methods

  • Non-flooring material: DIN54837 and ISO 5659-2 FED Toxicity for S2-S5,SR1/SR2,ST1/ST2
  • Flooring covering: ISO9239-1 for SF1-SF3 and ISO 5659-2 FED toxicity
  • Small Parts: DIN53438-2 / DIN53438-3 for K1-K3 or F1-F3
  • Seats: DIN 54341、EN1021、ISO9705)
  • Cable and Wire: EN 60332-1-2、EN50266-2-4/5、EN 61034、EN 50305)
  • Small Electrical parts: EN 60695-11-10、ISO4589-2

British Standards BS 6853:

BS6853 Code of practice for fire precautions in the design and construction of passenger carrying trains

  • Fire Classification: Category Ia , Ib, II
  • Test Category: Table1 – Table14
  • Test Items: Flame Spread, Surface Flammability, Smoke Density, and Smoke Toxicity
  • Test Standards: BS 476-6,BS 476-7,BS 6853 Annex D, BS 6853 Annex B

French Standards NF F16-101:

NF F16-101 Railway Rolling Stock Fire Behavior Choice of Material

NF F16-102Railway Rolling Stock Fire Behavior Choice of Material – Application for electrical equipment

Classification:M0 – M4

  • Test Method:NF P92-501, NF P92-503 和NF P92-507

Classification: I0, I1, I2, I3, I4

  • Test Method:NF ISO 4589-2 Oxygen Index,NF EN 60695 glow wire

Classification:F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5

  • Test Method:NF X10-702 Smoke Density,NF X70-100 Toxicity 

Similar Standards:TB/T 2702 burning behaviour 

Russian Standards GOST

  • GOST 12.1.044-89 Fire and explosion hazard of substances and materials. Range of indices and methods of their determination. (CMEA Standard 4831-84,CMEA Standard 6219-88,International Standard ISO4589,CMEA Standard 6527-88) 

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