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From Testing, Analysis, Training, R&D to Improvement, our team of experts will essentially improve the quality and technical level of your products!

As the world’s leading supplier of raw materials, we also need to understand the fire standard, regulation and policies of various industries in various countries. CASfire has given us detailed training and technical solutions, which are very helpful for our product improvement and market and sales.

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About Analysis CenterCASfire Material Analysis Center

Based on the scientific research platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CASfire Material Analysis Center has tens of advanced analytical and testing instruments worth more than USD 10 million. We collects many experts and scholars, combines our advantages and accumulated experience for many years, and provides you with Composition Analysis, Formula Analysis, Morphology Analysis, Physical and Chemical test, and Material modification in one-stop solution. And our experts will also provide with you professional advice and suggestion basing on analysis.


Purpose of Material Analysis:

The analysis, research and development of new materials’ composition, elements, properties and structure are the important impetus of the development of modern materials science. It not only provides support for basic and applied scientific research, but also provides technical support for independent innovation of enterprises, to improve quality and competiveness and reduces costs.

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  • Composition Analysis
  • Formula Analysis
  • Unknown Substance Analysis
  • Morphology Analysis
  • Physical and Chemical Testing
  • Research & Modification
  • Training and Education
Analytical InstrumentCASfire Material Analysis Center

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