CASfire Show: China Composites Expo 2020

CASfire Show: China Composites Expo 2020

CASfire Show: China Composites Expo 2020

4 September 2020, CASfire successfully completed the exhibition plan of China Composites Expo 2020 at Shanghai.

From September 2 to September 4, 2020, the 26th China composites opened in Shanghai World Expo as scheduled. Nearly 20000 professionals visited the exhibition site, and leading enterprises in various industries displayed composite materials in related application fields such as building materials, railway vehicle interior materials, automobile decoration, marine equipment, etc.

CASfire participated in the exhibition with the exhibition number of hall 4 b3603. At this exhibition, many professionals and institutions are interested in the fire research and development and testing of composite materials. As a leading fire research institution and a third-party laboratory, CASfire has attracted many exhibitors and professional visitors to come to the booth for in-depth communication and discussion with the technical team. It includes technical requirements and specifications for fire protection of rail vehicles (EN 45545-2), EN 13501-1 and GB 8624 in construction application, and the related technical consultation of fire requirement of marine and aircraft material. Our professional technical advisory team gave detailed answers to all kinds of customers’ questions one by one, and shared the past practice experience, and provided more targeted and valuable suggestions on how to meet the relevant flame retardant standards, how to improve the flame retardant performance of products, which were highly praised by customers.          

We will continue to pay attention to the fire standards and regulations of various countries, strive to improve the research and development capacity and accumulate technology, make every effort to provide good FR technology solutions for various composite material manufacturers and service providers, and strive to reduce fire hazards and protect our life and property!

About CASfire

CASfire Technical Co.,Ltd, part of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a leading trusted fire research institute and third-party fire test lab with CMA and CNAS(IEC/ISO 17025) accreditation.

Not only Fire Testing. from Education and Training, Research and Development, Analysis to Improvement for fire performance, and consultation for Technical Barrier of Trade, CASfire have a experts team which is multidisciplinary, cross-industry and comprehensive. We have rich practical experience in fire testing, training, development, scientific management and technical services.

We are always guided by customer requirement and social expectations, and improve product quality through ”testing, analyzing, improving, assuring”in the field of fire safety. Our specialty enables our customers to obtain high value-added services and ensure sustainable business development in an increasingly standardized word.


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From Fire Testing, Training, R&D to Improvement, our team of experts will essentially improve the quality and technical level of your products!

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