TrainingTraining to well understand the Standard, Regulation & Policies


Training and education is one of the effective ways to deeply understand fire standards, regulations and Policy in various countries. It is also the key to product conformity.

We provide customized training course for customers. Through face-to-face training and on-site guidance, whether on fire protection requirements, material selection, or product development and improvement, you will have a more simple and clear understanding of how to improve fire performance, how to effectively improve, and how to comply with relevant fire safety regulations and standards.

Our Technical Service – Training & Education

Our training lecturer is an expert in the field of fire safety. In terms of training methods, we will effectively connect fire standards, regulations to materials. In addition, we will also let you know how your material reacts to fire under actual conditions through the practical part of flame retardant technology.

Through training and guidance, it is helpful for you to develop products that meet the requirements of relevant specifications, thus avoiding technical barriers of trade, ensuring that your products can better and faster enter the target market and win more market opportunities.

Our strengths and training approach:

  • Face-to-face communication
  • Open question-and-answer sessions
  • Direct interaction with technician
  • Understanding of Test method and Product Standards
  • Study the reaction of products and formulations to fire during testing
  • Sharing of Design-based Theory and Practice
  • CASfire, is the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), based on the research and academic capabilities of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is the highest institution of science and technology in China, provides professional and guaranteed one-stop fire safety solutions.
  • Not only fire testing. From education and training, research and development, to improvement for fire performance, and consultation for Technical Barrier of Trade, CASfire have a experts team which is multidisciplinary, cross-industry and comprehensive, we have rich practical experience in fire testing, Training, development, scientific management and technical services.
  • At the same time, we maintain cooperation with international standards bureaus, fire research institutes, fire testing lab and professional such as CREPIM, GML, SGS, TUV, EXOVA to extend our service.
  • We are always guided by customer requirement and social expectations, and improve product quality through “testing, analysis, improving, assurance” in the field of fire safety. Our specialty enables our customers to obtain high value-added services and ensure sustainable business development in an increasingly standardized world.

Work Process – Training & Education: 

  1. Contact us to identify needs
  2. Submit application forms
  3. Issue the proposal and terms of service
  4. Confirm the proposal
  5. Finish the pre-survey
  6. Make training course and training
  7. Continuous technical support

What We Can Do?

From Fire Testing, Training, R&D to Improvement, our team of experts will essentially improve the quality and technical level of your products!

As the world’s leading supplier of raw materials, we also need to understand the fire standard, regulation and policies of various industries in various countries. CASfire has given us detailed training and technical solutions, which are very helpful for our product improvement and market and sales.

Mr.XIE, Marketing Manager
Marketing Department, BASF