Fire Test to Aircraft Material

CASfire Test to aircraft material

Every safe flight is the full effort of aviation crew and strict quality control of the manufacturers, and the standardized operation under the aviation safety management mechanism and system.

Aircraft material should adopt flame retardant materials, as far as possible to use less flammable materials. On the basis of guaranteeing comfortable and beautiful interior decoration of aircraft, we should pay attention to meeting certain fire requirements.

Fire Testing to
Aircraft Material

FAA.FAR.25.853 (CCAR 25.853)  

  • FAR.25.853 Department of transportation, Federal Aviation administration regulations for compartment interiors

FAR25.853 Fire Test to aircraft material – test method

  • Horizontal burning test
  • Vertical burning test
  • 45° burning test
  • 60° burning test
  • Smoke Density
  • Heat Release
  • Seat fire test

HB 5469 fire test

  • HB 5469 Burning test method for cabin interior nonmetallic material of civil aircraft 

HB 5469 fire test to material of civil aircraft–test methods

  • Vertical burning test
  • Horizontal burning test
  • 45° burning test
  • 60° burning test

ABD 0031 Airbus Standards

  • ABD0031 Airbus Test Method (AITM)

AITM Airbus Standard ABD0031 – test methods:

  • AITM 2.0002  Vertical burning test;
  • AITM 2.0003  Horizontal burning test;
  • AITM 2.0004  45° burning test;
  • AITM 2.0005  60° burning test;
  • AITM 2.0006  Heat Release test;
  • AITM 2.0007  Smoke density test;;
  • AITM 2.0009  Fire test to seat;
  • AITM 3.0005  Smoke Toxicity test;

BSS Boeing Standards

  • BSS 7238 Fire Test for Smoke Density
  • BSS 7239 Test method for toxic gas generation by materials on combustion

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