Test method and Improvement of fire resistance of EN 45545-3 for railway vehicle

Test method and Improvement of fire resistance of EN 45545-3 for railway vehicle

  • March 19, 2021
  • Training for Fire Protection on Railway
  • Fire Resistance Lab, Guangzhou
  • +86(0)5923500085

Training Subject:

  • Test method and Improvement of fire resistance of EN 45545-3 for railway vehicle

Training Content:

  • Fire resistance and fire reaction: what are the differences? Testing Methodologies, Materials- Standards- Regulations
  • Interpretation of EN 45545-3 fire resistance requirements for fire barriers on railway vehicle
  • Selection of the fire-resistant materials used in Railway
  • Case Study for fire-resistant test to fire barriers, fire door, flooring

Reference Standards:

  • EN 45545-1 Railway applications – Fire protection on railway vehicles – General
  • EN 45545-2 Fire protection of railway vehicles-Requirement for fire behaviours of materials and components
  • EN 45545-3 Fire resistance requirements for fire barriers
  • EN 45545-4 Fire safety requirements for rolling stock design
  • EN 45545-5 Fire safety requirements for electrical equipment including that of trolley buses, track guided buses and magnetic levitation vehicles
  • ISO 834-1:Fire-resistance tests – Elements of building construction Part 1: general requirements
  • EN 1363-1: Fire-resisitance tests – Elements of building construction Part 1: general

Our Approach

There are 2 parts in our approach of training, Theory and Practice, our practical experts are skilled to connect them.

Theoretical Part:

  • Interpretation of terminology
  • Specific Interpretation of Product Standard, Technical Specification, Test Method, and Regulation and Policy
  • Discussions on principles and methodologies
  • Effective picture or video to aid understanding

Practical Part:

  • Guidance for the application of Product Standard and Technical Specification
  • Sharing and analysis of existing cases
  • Necessary visiting and operation in our laboratory
  • Practical analysis and answers based on customer’s questions

Why Choose Us: 

  • The Research team of CASfire headed by experts from related fields of the Chinese Academy of Sciences includes members from Fujian Key Laboratory of Fire Retardant Materials and State Key Laboratory of Fire Science. They have been chairing and participating in several provincial and municipal state-level scientific research projects
  • The CASfire Fire Testing Center is CMA(China Inspection Body and Laboratory Mandatory Approval) and CNAS accredited and managed according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017” General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” (CNAS-CL01:2008)
  • Based on the scientific research platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,  our experts will also provide with you professional advice and suggestion basing on analysis.
  • We will do detailed technical survey of pre-training
  • We have more than 5 000 cases study for your reference
  • We are good at Improvement-based theory and Practice
  • You will be invited to visit the laboratory and test operation if necessary, to intuitively understand the test method
  • It is a Open question-and-answer sessions
  • Date: Mar.19, 2021
  • Location: Fire Resistance Lab, Guangzhou
  • Language: Chinese or English
  • Duration: 1 day

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What Can We Do?

From Fire Testing, Training, R&D to Improvement, our team of experts will essentially improve the quality and technical level of your products!

  • CASfire Show: China Composites Expo 2020

    4 September 2020, CASfire successfully completed the exhibition plan of China Composites Expo 2020 at Shanghai.CASfire participated in the exhibition with the exhibition number of hall 4 b3603. At this exhibition, many professionals and institutions are interested in the fire research and development and testing of composite materials.

    September 17, 2020

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