Comparation between EN 45545-2 and NFPA 130

Comparation between EN 45545-2 and NFPA 130

  • August 16, 2019
  • Training for Fire Protection on Railway
  • Xiamen, China
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Subject: Comparation between EN 45545-2 and NFPA 130


  • EN 45545-2 : Comparison with national railway standards
  • The correlation and difference between NFPA 130 and EN45545
  • Case Study of fire testing for railway vehicle.

Reference Standards:

  • EN45545-2 Fire protection of railway vehicles – Part 2: Requirement for fire behaviors of materials and components
  • NFPA 130 Standard for fixed guideway transit and passenger rail system

Our Approach

There are 2 parts in our approach of training, Theory and Practice, our practical experts are skilled to connect them.

Theoretical Part:

  • Interpretation of terminology
  • Specific Interpretation of Product Standard, Technical Specification, Test Method, and Regulation and Policy
  • Discussions on principles and methodologies
  • Effective picture or video to aid understanding

Practical Part:

  • Guidance for the application of Product Standard and Technical Specification
  • Sharing and analysis of existing cases
  • Necessary visiting and operation in our laboratory
  • Practical analysis and answers based on customer’s questions

Why Choose Us: 

  • CASfire focus on fire technical and we are professional
  • CASfire have a Interdisciplinary experts team with rich practical experience
  • We will do detailed technical survey of pre-training
  • We have more than 5 000 cases study for your reference
  • We are good at Improvement-based theory and Practice
  • You will be invited to visit the laboratory and test operation if necessary, to intuitively understand the test method
  • It is a Open question-and-answer sessions
  • It is face-to-face talks to address more confidential technical issues

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What Can We Do?

From Fire Testing, Training, R&D to Improvement, our team of experts will essentially improve the quality and technical level of your products!

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    4 September 2020, CASfire successfully completed the exhibition plan of China Composites Expo 2020 at Shanghai.CASfire participated in the exhibition with the exhibition number of hall 4 b3603. At this exhibition, many professionals and institutions are interested in the fire research and development and testing of composite materials.

    September 17, 2020

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